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• sarah's prelude & food with albrecht mayer

Albrecht Mayer: The charming "Oboe Pope" - a world-famous soloist and principal oboe of the Berlin Philharmonic. In this episode he presents his Lamb à la Mayer, his tiger t-shirt and his awesome circular breathing skills...
Ludwig Frank: Creator and curator of Albrecht´s oboe and vegetable cutter extraordinaire. Find out here how he saved Albrecht´s life, how many potatoes he can cut during Bach and just what is in that pouch the oboists carry around with them all the time...
Markus Becker: Pianist and Albrecht´s accompanist for "longer than lots of marriages last", Markus jazzed up the Prelude & Food kitchen with his improvising...

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• sarah's prelude & food with donald runnicles

Donald Runnicles: scottish music director of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Excellent pianist, ex-french horn player and was worried he had bitten off more than he could chew with his famous Wyoming shrimps...
Massimo Giordano: italian tenor, star of the opera stage who made Sarah blush madly during his serenade (Sarah.nade?) in the Prelude & Food kitchen...
Anna Smirnova: russian mezzo soprano who says garlic is good for the voice. Her voice is so powerful that the wine glasses were vibrating during her kitchen aria...


• sarah's prelude & food with alban gerhardt

Alban Gerhardt: star cellist, master blogger and improvising cook. His cello playing is so hot that he sometimes needs oven gloves 
Christian Berkel: one of Germany's most successful actors. He loves classical music and was happy to be serenaded (Sarah-naded?) in the Prelude & Food kitchen 
Boris Orlob: Artist Manager in Berlin who didn't get much of a word in edgewise between Alban and Christian but without his expert chopping, dinner would never have been ready 


• sarah's prelude & food with anna prohaska

Anna Prohaska: shooting star of the opera world, likes listening to heavy metal whilst jogging and cooking 
Christoph Schneider: drummer in the Band Rammstein, classical music lover and not a fan of cooking shows 
Anna Kubelik: architect, stage designer, actress and makes her own jewellery 
​Lavinia Whitaker: Australian oboist living in Berlin, admits to having done auditions with blue hair


• sarah's prelude & food

• the show

The Location: a 21st century version of the music salon - an open plan kitchen in Berlin.
The Hostess: effervescent, charming, world-class musician and member of the renowned Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra - Sarah Willis.
The Mission: to bring classical music out of the concert hall into every day life where it belongs - starting with the kitchen, the heart of the home. From Bach's Prelude & Fugue to Sarah's Prelude & Food... 

And so Sarah Willis welcomes the cream of classical musicians and their chosen guests into her kitchen salon to talk about music while they prepare their favourite meal. 
In Sarah's Prelude & Food, the cooking is the vehicle for a relaxed, conversational atmosphere with musical flare and a personal touch. While recounting stories from their musical and creative lives, her guests peel onions, open wine and compare cooking techniques. Sarah's Prelude & Food also relies on a healthy dose of creative chaos where the cooking is spiced up with song and the playing of instruments. Ever heard a cello played in oven gloves..? 

Classical music is a powerhouse of emotion and reflects the fundamental issues in our lives: joy, sorrow, despair, fear, passion, love. In Sarah's kitchen salon, we discover what makes great artists tick, from where they draw their creative energy and how they go about their daily lives. And last but not at all least, what they like to eat and drink!

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• sarah willis...

grew up in the USA, Tokyo, Moscow and London surrounded by music and journalism. At age 14 she began playing the French horn and by age 22 she had joined Daniel Barenboim's Staatskapelle Berlin. From there she made history by becoming the first woman to become a member of the Berlin Philharmonic brass section.

Here Sarah Willis soon discovered a talent for another instrument - the microphone. She has become a popular presenter for concerts and education projects where she captivates her public with a combination of charm and a British sense of humour.

She also interviews the world's greatest soloists and conductors for the Berliner Philharmonic's Digital Concert Hall and even normally reserved personalities like Claudio Abbado warm to her. In March 2011, 33 million music lovers across the globe watched her presenting the YouTube Symphony Orchestra Concert live from Sydney, Australia. Being a prominent figure in the classical music scene herself gives her an unprecedented advantage when inviting classical stars to be her guests.
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Philip Mayers - Pianist

No music salon is complete without a piano. Philip Mayers, Prelude & Food's kitchen-pianist-in-residence, adds to the charm of the evening with his dry wit, sparkling accompaniment and impressive bottle-opening skills.

• the guests...

Sarah Willis's guests in this first series are, amongst others:
soprano Anna Prohaska, cellist Alban Gerhardt, conductor Donald Runnicles, oboist Albrecht Mayer,
actor Christian Berkel, drummer Christoph Schneider and tenor Massimo Giordano.


• behind the scenes

• the team

The production of a show is a common team effort - sarah's prelude & food is no exception.
The supporters of the show consist of camera team and photographers to kitchen-lenders and food providers...
• finkernagel & lück medienproduktion

daniel finkernagel...
was born in Dortmund, learned how to be a Saarlander and studied being a Frenchman. Music and musicology, literature and art history, also composition in Paris. Moved to Berlin to the 'HannsEisler' University of Music (cultural and media management) and voluntary service at the Sender Freies Berlin broadcasting station.
Radio and TV presenter. Producer, director and coach; a passionate music communicator, if it's about opening up access to classical music for the kind of public that deserves it: young, cosmopolitan, open, committed, capable of responding with inspiration, enthusiasm and humour. Documentaries, features, DVDs, theatre evenings, development of talk and chat formats, presenter since 1996.

alexander lück...
is a committed Berliner. Educated as a music teacher at the HdK (University of Arts), his passion for the cello was soon superseded by his passion for presenting media-based classical music topics for the SFB broadcasting station in Berlin.
Together with Daniel Finkernagel he founded the Finkernagel & Lück Production Company in 2000. Since then he has been active as a producer and director specializing in bringing music and images together in original ways and has produced DVDs, image and web films as well as over 30 documentaries.

Daniel Finkernagel and Alexander Lück are both live broadcast directors for the Berlin Philharmonic´s Digital Concert Hall.
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